Why Green?

As you all may know, St. Patrick’s day is usually associated with green and shamrocks.  I’ve noticed that since I was little, but until recently, I’ve never wondered why.  I did some researched, and I found that people used to celebrate with the color blue.  In the 16th century, Henry the eighth claimed to be king of Ireland.  His flag was blue, so they used blue.  Later on, Ireland started using light blue to make themselves different from the royal blue of Britain.  During the Great Irish Rebellion, the rebels used a green flag.  Though they were defeated by Oliver Cromwell, we still use green today.



Facts from: http://time.com/4699771/green-irish-st-patricks-day-color/

Image from:  Ole Olson from Flickr.

I’m Exhausted!

Whew! This past week has been so tiring!  Alyssa and I spent 3 hours making and filming our first treat.  We are still in the progress of editing the video, and I will upload it to here as soon as we get it done.   I don’t want to give any spoilers, so you guys will have to wait to find out what we baked.

I’m Super excited for the video.  Alyssa and I are about to start filming the videos.  Just a heads up, watch out for pink bob, the craziest, funniest person there is.  I’ll upload the video as soon as its done.  We are also going to make another dessert, but it won’t be as hard as the last dessert.  We are doing this so that we still have time for filming.  We haven’t really had any issues this week.

This was taken by dannebrog from flickr.

Frenetic Friday

Hello, reader, I hope you had a good week.  I didn’t get so lucky.  This week has been so hectic for me.  I have been working on a little of everything this week, so I haven’t finished much, just finishing parts of everything.  One thing that I did finish is everything on my elevator pitch outline except for our lead, which Alyssa and I are perfecting.

This week I have worked on our outline, I’ve going to start our elevator pitch script, I have looked for desserts, I have come up with an awesome and catchy catch phrase, and Alyssa and I are trying to set up a YouTube account, not to mention writing this blog.  Our catch phrase mentions a little robot that you may have heard of named Wall-E, but you’ll have to watch our videos to find out more.  We probably won get the YouTube account done this week, but I am hoping that we can get it up by the end of the month.  Alyssa and I are going to try to set it up Sunday, but we both have busy weekends, so we might have to do it another time.  As far as the treats go, keep updated because we found a really good recipe on Sweetleaf Stevia Recipes.

I am ancious to see how our elevator speech goes.

Tasty Treats 2

Hello readers, I have been really busy this week working on my elevator pitch outline with Alyssa.  An Elevator Pitch is when the students doing the 20% project create a video trying to convince you to help them with their project.  I am super excited to be working on this since I like creating videos.  We want to have our outline done by next Friday.  We haven’t met with our mentors (our grandmas) since we’ve made our first few test treats, but we have been in contact with them.  We have told them about our speech that we had to do, and I am going to ask my grandma if we can have a baking birthday taste off since, you guessed it, my birthday is coming up.  I’ll tell you guys how it does and some of the treats we will bake.

Tasty Treats

Hello, reader! As you read in my last post, I have been working super hard on our 20% project, which is healthy baking.  We have tested two recipes so far, which are chocolate mousse and cupcakes, but only one turned out good.  The cupcakes were a total flop.  They were dense and salty, but I am excited to test more recipes.  I also made chocolate mousse, and it was AMAZING!  If you put it in the fridge, it turned into ice cream, and who doesn’t like ice cream?

I have found most f my recipes from Sweetleaf.com.  It is an awesome sight that showed me recipes that don’t use sugar.  I would highly recommend looking there for recipes that are tasty and don use sugar.

These are some goals that I have set:


1/27 We will have our majority of recipes collected.
2/10 We will to set up a youtube channel, and completely understand how to use it.
2/20 We will have the rough draft for the elevator speech done.
2/24 We will have our first video done and on youtube.
3/3 We will have our Elevator Speech to be written and memorized.
3/10 We will try a recipe to make sure they taste okay for youtube.
3/24 We will have our third video done and uploaded.
4/7 We will have tried more recipes.
4/21 We will have the forth video uploaded onto YouTube.
5/5 We will have our fifth video done and uploaded.
5/19 We will collect more recipes and try some of them.

Our Awesome Project

Hello, readers, this week in PBL we are working on our 20% project.  Our project is making healthy treats so that you don’t have to give up yummy treats to eat healthy.  This week, we have been working on our timelines of when we want to get things finished.  We are hoping to post some recipes on our blogs.  By we, I mean Alyssa and I.  We have accomplished our project outline this week.  We plan to finish our timeline next week.  Our big problem is finding a name.  We are open to suggestions, so if you can, leave some in the comments.  We want our name to include baking or a synonym of baking.  We hope to find a name by next week, too.  Wish us luck!



This is from Paul and Hien Brown from Flickr.

The ‘Stellar’ Supermoon

Do you remember the super moon?  On November 14th, the world witnessed the first super moon since 1948.  It is over 30% brighter and 14% larger in size.  I found a lot about the super moon here.  If you want to know more, keep reading.

A super moon occurs on a full moon.  A full moon is the fifth phase of the moon.  Its scientific name is perigee-syzygy.  A super moon is when the moon appears larger than normal.  The next one will be on November 25, 2034.  It will appear even larger than this year.

A super moon can cause higher and lower tides.  It appears larger than normal because one of the other planets is aligned with the Earth, pooling the moon a little closer.   It was called a beaver moon, according to Algonquin Native American Folklore.  You are supposed to set beaver traps to catch a beaver before winter.  Don’t actually do that, though, because you could hurt someone.


Image result for super moon

This is from Wikipedia




Have you ever seen a stop sign on your bus go out at a bus stop, and people still go past? Did you know that is illegal? 23.5 million kids ride the bus to and from school, and 17,000 of those kids go to the ER because of cars illegally going around buses.  Car drivers, is being on time worth kids’ lives?  If bus manufacturers put in a bar that would go out every time it stopped at a bus stop, like the stop sign, then cars couldn’t go by.  This could help save the thousands of lives of the kids every year.

This video can show you what has happened.

This video is from CTV news.

Our CRAZY Community

When you hear the word community, you probably think of the houses on your street, or even your neighborhood.  That is correct, but a community can be so much more.  A community is a group of people that you can depend on, people that you know you can trust.  They can be your sports team, school, your family, or your summer camp.  I am involved in many communities.



This is from flickr.


Some of the communities I am in are my academic team, my school, my family, my friends, and the summer camp that I went to.  We are communities because we are interdependent.  On academic team, we work as a team to win.  At home, we help each other with homework and we play together.  At summer camp, we help each other have fun.  As you can see, a community is so much more than a neighborhood.  Check out Communities Magazine.

Leave me a comment saying what communities you are in.  🙂

My Speedy Schedule

My daily routine is goes by so fast.  After I get up, get dressed, eat breakfast, and pack my lunch (in no particular order), I get on the bus and go to school.  I first go to math.  We usually go over yesterday´s homework, then start on tomorrow´s  homework.  We occasionally have a test, quiz, and/or free day.  I go to Social Studies next.  We are talking about the Caribbean right now.  I go to Drama for 3rd period.  We usually talk about the history for a little bit, then we play a game.  I have gym for 4th period.  We have a game for the week, and we play dodge ball on Friday.  Dodge ball is my favorite.  I then have advisory.  I use my time to do homework.  I have Science next.  We just finished the chemistry unit.  For 6th period, I have Language Arts.  We talk about a lot of things in there.  We just finished a turkey project for Thanksgiving.  In 7th period, I have Project Based Learning (PBL).  That is where we do blogging.   This is our class website.

My school year feels long, except at the end of the year.  In math, we just go in order of the units.  It´s always funny to hear our teacher complain how she hates the new version and wishes to go back to the old version like last year.  We go on a ´world´ tour in social studies.  We study a new culture region every few weeks.  We switch which unified arts classes every term, which is seven weeks.  My unified arts are 3rd and 4th period.  Advisory is just working on homework or playing games if we have no homework. In science, we study a lot of different things.  We have gone over matter, chemistry, and we are now going over the Sun, Moon, and Earth.  In Language arts, we have talked about sentence structures, short stories, and personal narratives.  In PBL, we do blogging, coding, and much, much more.

This is my school´s website.

Image result for gray middle school union ky

This is from the Boone County Schools´ website.


Let me know how your schedule is in the comments 🙂